Dear Sara,

The last guests have left and we have just looked through all our photos and a bit of video from the weekend. We feel so grateful for that truly wonderful wedding day and the celebration of our daughter's marriage. It was a beautiful day…and you made it all possible. I apologize that I didn’t flag you down this morning and really thank you for ALL that you did. You deserved it, I want to write now and really express our appreciation.

We want to thank you so very, very much for making all of our daughter's dreams come true. You worked SO tirelessly on every detail; and it turned out to be such a huge project! Through all the months of planning, all the different events, and all the craziness of the weather, Sara, you were a joy to work with. You always tuck into every conversation: “What can I do to help?” or, “I’m here to help.” You have an enormous talent for understanding a bride's dreams and wishes, finding the vendors that fit the best, and pulling together all those thousands of details. We’ve just been sitting here saying, “Can you believe Sara put together that lovely tabletop design?” “Can you believe that Welcome Party was all set up and we just walked in and had all that fun?” Or from my husband…"Can you believe that Sara was here first thing on Saturday morning to take away all that trash!” He was so impressed! And he was SO pleased with the volume of the band! Thanks for watching that so closely. Speaking of the band…TOTALLY AMAZING! Thanks so much for recommending them…we will never forget them! Each vendor was beyond our expectations. The dinner was SO delicious, especially that asparagus starter…what a kickoff! They did the beef and fish perfectly, and the cake was scrumptious. The lighting was outstanding, and I’m so glad that we did all the lanterns in the woods. Julie is a superstar! And Kim did an extraordinary job on all the lovely flowers.Thanks so much for arranging to get one of the flower jars from the pews. So thoughtful of you.

You really gave us a gift: We had so much fun at this wedding!! We didn’t have a care in the world! And because you and your wonderful assistants were attending to all those umpteen details, we could enjoy watching our daughter marry the man of her dreams. So many of our guests have written today saying that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. They said we, “Hit it out of the park!” …and that was all because of your creativity, patience, planning, and execution of all the different plans and details. You were everywhere! Getting the bridesmaids’ lunches, steaming the veil, constantly checking on the site, and navigating between both families for all the “Who does what, when?!?!” And you were so thoughtful to leave us the wine for our arrival and the Bride's bag of goodies. And finally, thank you for the gift of the S’mores! Everyone LOVED them!! So thoughtful of you.

It has truly been a joy getting to know you and working with you. I still cannot believe all that you got accomplished, and in such a short time. Thank you for taking this journey with our family and for making the whole weekend so special for everyone. You are amazing and we were so very fortunate to have found you!

We can catch up next week when we return, but I just wanted to be sure to let you know how much we truly appreciate all that you did.

Many, many thanks for all your thoughtful efforts and enthusiasm for our family’s special day.

Parents of the Bride June 2017